Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Public Enron Email Corpus Available

It's in the public record and as an experiment and general service I've made available the Public Enron Email Corpus at

You can see the original email of all the big guys like J. Skillingand even CEO K. Lay.


Carlos Blanco said...

Do you know where can I find some of the attachments to those emails?

Dave said...

Sorry, the attachments are not part of the corpus.

bcolling said...

I'm trying to understand why the first months in the corpus contain so little email activity. Does the early period in the corpus indicate the start of use of an electronic email system by Enron, and hence shows gradual growth as people started using it? Or, was email selectively extracted in the early period, based on relevance to the investigation, from a fully engaged email system? Thanks.

Unknown said...

I wrote to Mr. Skilling in 2000 and applied for a senior executive position.

Now yo have published that personal letter and my resume without my consent.

Would you please inform me how may I get in touch with you to ask you to remove it.

El Diablo said...

Please reply and tell me how I can get in touch with you to request removal of a single, personal email from The email in question contains references to friends' families and children, whose names now appear in public search results.

I appreciate your help with this matter!

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...
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William Cohen said...

Dave - if you look at you can see that I have once again update the public release of the Enron email for privacy reasons. I'm assuming that you copies of the data originally came from this site: If so, I'd like to ask that you update the

Note that in distributed the data I requested: "In using this dataset, please be sensitive to the privacy of the people involved (and remember that many of these people were certainly not involved in any of the actions which precipitated the investigation.)" Making the data publically indexable is not consistent with at least the spirit of this request, and I've had a specific request to remove some emails, especially the one below:

If you can re-build your index, or locally make the modifications suggested by I would appreciate it. When you do so, please send a confirmation to and

Thanks so much for your help - William

Unknown said...

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